Disguise Event

Disguise Event The Disguise Event is an engaging and interactive activity in which players participate by guessing the names of disguised monsters to earn prizes (omaRO Coins). This event adds an element of excitement and challenge to the game, encouraging players to test their knowledge of various monsters. The event begins at a specific time, […]

Cockfighting “Sabong” Event

Cockfighting “Sabong” Event Cockfighting, commonly known as Sabong, is a controversial blood sport that involves roosters, or “cocks” (Grand Peco and Peco peco), engaging in combat within a designated arena called a cockpit. In Sabong, there are two sides of the corner where the cocks are positioned before the official fight commences, known as the […]

Poring Event

Poring Event

Poring Event A special event involving the summoning of a Zoring (a variant of the popular Poring monster) is taking place. The event is scheduled to occur at regular intervals throughout the day, adding an element of excitement and reward for players. The primary objective of this event is to find the summoned Zoring monster. […]

Costume Stone Enchants

Costume Stone Enchants You can enchant your costume in Prontera town.  There are 2 NPC responsible for enchanting: Aver De Dosh and Lace La Zard. Aver De Dosh (prontera 165, 63) can enchant your upper, middle and lower headgear costumes and Lace La Zard (prontera 165, 66) for your garment costume.  Enchantment has 50% success chance. […]