Disguise Event

The Disguise Event is an engaging and interactive activity in which players participate by guessing the names of disguised monsters to earn prizes (omaRO Coins). This event adds an element of excitement and challenge to the game, encouraging players to test their knowledge of various monsters.

The event begins at a specific time, precisely every 20th minute of every hour. An NPC in Prontera (156, 171), acting as the event host, announces the start of the Disguise Event, signaling to players that they can join and participate. The NPC takes on the appearance of a random monster and the objective for participants is to correctly guess the name of the monster that the NPC is disguising as. Players need to rely on their knowledge of the game’s monster roster, their characteristics, and their visual appearance to make accurate guesses.

For every correct answer provided by a player, they are rewarded with a coin. The coins earned during the event can serve as valuable in-game currency or tokens, which players can use to purchase special items from Coin Shop, equipment, or participate in other activities within the game.

The Disguise Event usually consists of multiple rounds, typically 10 rounds per event run. This structure allows for a fair number of opportunities for players to test their monster knowledge and potentially earn rewards. Each round presents a new disguised monster, challenging players to remain attentive and focused throughout the event.

Participating in the Disguise Event not only rewards players with in-game currency but also encourages them to explore and learn more about the diverse range of monsters present in the game. It promotes engagement, knowledge-sharing, and healthy competition among the player community.

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