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Ragnarok Online

Welcome to omaRO

Exp 80x / 80x / Drop 50x

omaRO is a mid-rate pre-renewal ragnarok private server with minimal customization.

Drop rate is 50x except for boss cards.

Equipment (armors & weapons) refine safety level is +7.

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Player commands

@go, @lgp, @storage, @autoloot, @alootid, @aloottype, @autotrade, @mi, @mobinfo, @ii, @whereis, @rates, @time, @whodrops, @noks, @showexp, @refresh, @hrpoint

NOTE: You cannot use these commands in PvP and WoE.

Custom NPC

Newbie Freebies

Get your free Field Manuals, Bubble Gums, Zeny and TCG Cards.

You only get these once for each account!

Note: Use TCG cards for rental armors and weapons.


Poring Event

Starts at 9:10AM and restarts every 30 minutes until 11:40PM.

Find Zoring and win zenies!

Note: The event starts only if there are 3 or more players online.

Rental Weapons

Special weapons you can rent using TCG cards. Pay only 25k zeny for 1 day!

Rental Weapons NPC is located @ Prontera 182, 214

Rental Armors

Special armors you can rent using TCG cards. Pay only 25k zeny for 1 day!

Rental Armors NPC is located @ Prontera 181, 212

TCG Shop

Sells Ragnarok Trading cards (TCG) for only 1k zeny each.

TCG Shop NPC is located @ Prontera 188, 208

Private Rooms

°Prontera 138, 172

Rent a room and summon MVP from a bloody branch. Rental fee is 50k zeny for 60 minutes.

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°You can find this NPC in any town

Warp to any town, field, dungeon or quest npc, anytime for Free!

Job Master

°Prontera 153, 193

Have you reached the required level to change job? You don't have to go through all that tests, just talk to the Job Master NPC in the center of Prontera and change your job with ease.

Reset Master

°Prontera 151, 193

Did you make a mistake adding the wrong stats or skills? Pay the Reset Fee and start rebuilding your skills, stats, or both.

Rides, Carts & Falcons

°Prontera 145, 200

Rent Rides (mount), Carts and Falcons.

Handy Shop

°Prontera 164, 203

Selling yellow, red and blue gemstones, blue potions, berserk potions, arrows and more!

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