The server is specifically designed to cater to the needs and preferences of Ragnarok Online enthusiasts, providing them with a dedicated platform to relive their favorite moments and embark on exciting adventures in the game world. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking a familiar gameplay experience or a newcomer eager to explore the vast world of Ragnarok Online, omaRO offers a welcoming and engaging environment for all.

Exp 80x / Job 80x / Drop rate 50x

Equipment (armors & weapons) refine safety level is +7

With its mid-rate setting, omaRO strikes a balance between progression speed and challenge. Players can enjoy a steady progression through the game’s content, allowing them to level up their characters, acquire powerful equipment, and engage in thrilling battles against monsters and other players. This balanced rate ensures that players can experience a sense of achievement while maintaining an enjoyable and competitive gameplay environment.

By emphasizing minimal customization, omaRO ensures that the core elements of Ragnarok Online remain intact. This approach preserves the original game’s mechanics, classes, skills, and quests, fostering a sense of familiarity and nostalgia among players. It also promotes a fair and balanced gameplay experience, where everyone starts on an equal footing and can succeed based on their skills, strategies, and dedication.

Overall, omaRO is a private server that upholds the spirit of Ragnarok Online, providing a dedicated and authentic experience for all enthusiasts. It offers a classic mid-rate Pre-Renewal gameplay style with minimal customizations, allowing players to immerse themselves in the beloved world of Ragnarok Online and embark on epic adventures alongside a vibrant community of fellow players.

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